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About Jessica


Professional Profile

I am a graphic design expert with advanced web and design skills. I live in Rochester, New York, working as a Design Development Manager. I am a graduate from Concord University with a BA in Advertising and Graphic Design, a major that focuses on knowledge in business, design, marketing and multiple other areas within the graphics field. Experienced in a wide variety of digital media including video and animation. Previous experience includes working with companies such as Nixon Peabody LLP, Starline USA and Great Arrow Graphics.

Fun Facts

I’m a very active person.  Not necessarily always in the physical sense, but i’m always moving.  My family is my heart and we do everything together from obstacle courses, running races, kayaking to just having a dance party in the living room.  When I sneak away on my own, I enjoy taking ballroom dance lessons, crafting with friends, and eating great food.   I’m also passionate about home projects.  I know that sounds a little weird, but i enjoy fixing up our 1930’s home.  Whether it’s tiling a floor, rewiring electrical, or painting (every surface) it makes me happy.

I’m truly enjoying life and living in the moment.

Volunteer Work

  • Planning committee for Bring your kids to work day, Nixon Peabody LLP
  • Logo design for Wayne A. Burlison Foundation, Albion NY
  • Logo design for Juventas Physical Therapy, Corning NY
  • Website maintenance for Twelve Corners Presbyterian Church; in process of redesign on new application
  • Graphic Design and marketing for Music 4 Everyone Organization
  • Web Design for Big Dreams Homes, LLC